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Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Bart van de Ven is a maxillofacial surgeon specialized in facial feminization surgery. His facial feminization practice is based in Antwerp (Belgium). He is the only surgeon in the world whose work consists of nothing but facial feminization surgery. He operates transwomen and genetic women.

Dr Bart van de Ven is trusted because he takes the time to get to know each patient personally, their reasons for having surgery, their concerns and desired outcomes, which he can deliver without unexpected ‘surprises’. His patients know him as a kind and caring professional. 

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• Every Monday en Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning—Antwerp (Belgium, homebase)

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Why FFS with Dr Bart?

  • Belgium in the hart of Europe—Operation in Antwerp (Belgium), one hour flying from London
  • Language—Belgians are multilingual, so is our staff. All Belgians speak english, most speak some German.
    Dr Bart speaks fluently English, German (studied in Germany) and Dutch.
  • State of the art hospital with experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Exceptional Experience—Dr Bart is the most active and experienced FFS surgeon in the world (4-5 FFS operations a week).
  • Talent—Dr Bart is a talented surgeon. His talent together with his experience have created the exceptional craftsman he is in the field of facial feminization.
  • Consistency—Consistently good and predictable results.
  • Natural Result—As conservative as possible, as aggressive as needed but always aiming at a natural result.
  • 100% Dr Bart—Dr Bart van de Ven has no residents. He does the operation 100% himself, with the same two fantastic nurses Els and Karen.
  • Care—Dr Bart really likes to help people and cares for his patients. The result of your surgery matters as much to him as to you.

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