Kim full FFS before and after

Kim had the following facial feminization surgerie procedures:

  • Forehead recontouring
  • Lipofilling of the cheeks, upper lip and nasolabial folds
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Jaw and chin recontouring
  • Trachea shave
  • Facelift

Testimonial of Kim

Hi I am Kim, from the UK.  I had my surgery in early August 2010 and was one of the first Dr Bart’s “ Ghent girls” after he moved to his lovely Ghent Medical Centre.  To race to a happy ending, my FSS turned out very, very well.  In my opinion Bart Van Der Ven is one of the leading FSS surgeons on the planet!  But is he the right choice for you..?  Well, only you can decide that one girls!  I did extensive, and I mean REALLY extensive research on who to choose.  I strongly you suggest you do the same.  Now using a European surgeon is not a cheap option, its twice as much as the Far East option by my calculations.  Personally, I don’t think Thai surgeons, and European faces work that that well. But it all depends on who you chose.   So, my view was I wanted a European Maxillo-Facial guy who specialised in FSS.  Someone who really understood what a transsexual woman wants to achieve. Not cosmetic beauty…but a female appearance.  To blend in..not stand out.. I picked Dr Bart because of his huge depth of experience and I found he REALLY knows how to “feminise” a male face.   Another great thing about him is that he encourages his patients to get the right set of procedures. Procedures that will literally transform your face. What I wanted, and what he suggested was pretty close anyways, but I was assured by his views on keeping facial symmetry and proportion.

Now, you will have seen the facilities and such, and they are “Top Notch” the Operating Theatre itself is one of the most advanced, and well equipped I have seen.  I suffered no post Op-infections, and all my wounds healed remarkably well.  I have to tell you I hated the whole operation process as I am scared of operations. But Dr Bart’s nursing and theatre team where lovely, and all highly professional. They looked after me very well. By far the worst part for me was the 24 hours after the Op. I felt SO bad, but they got me going, and I moved to my hotel with Dr Bart driving me there, and settling me in. He was great. In a nutshell, he is a good guy and kind man.  He does care about his girls. I had two days alone in the hotel, and would not recommend that to anyone! Now Dr Bart came to visit each day, and stayed a while, but if you have a friend who can accompany you that’s the best thing.  Luckily, I had a friend who came out to support on Day 4 and she was proper tonic, and an angel for me.

Now in terms of the outcome..?  You need to give it 6 months in my experience…But am I happy?…Yes I am very, very happy!  I am very grateful to Dr Bart.  People often said to me I looked womanly, and passable, but I never felt I did, nor did I believe them.  I could always see “him”. Now, I feel I look female, I feel I look like a female version of me old self, and I see “her” not “him”.

All the work Dr Bart did for me has blended together to subtly feminise my face.  I feel I look like the woman I should have be born as!   One thing I would say is be very clear about what you want…and ask lots of questions! Dr Bart will have the answers, also show him pics of what you want..I used woman’s mags to demonstrate things!  Now it’s not all “out of this world” news. If I look hard enough I can see some area where I could do with a tweak or two.  That might well be more about my expectations!  I had also opted for a mid-face lift that was undertaken by another surgeon supporting Dr Bart, and I am less happy with that outcome.  I shoulda had Bart do it!  But the overall effect of the surgery has been what I wanted.

The bottom line…with Dr Bart you get a great FFS surgeon, with a terrific track record, and professional and trustworthy nursing and operating team. These are people who know what you want, they know you are looking to become the woman you are, and they will help you get there!

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