Naomi Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After


Naomi had the following procedures:

  • Forehead recontouring
  • Browlift
  • Hairline Lowering

Testimonial Naomi

I had my forehead surgery with Dr van de Ven in June 2011 at his clinic MC2 clinic in Ghent. I had been looking at several alternative FFS surgeons but what actually caught my attention was the technical details in which he described his technique (can be found elsewhere on this site). The use of endotines, an irregular cut made at an angle to allow hair growback and so on made me understand that this was not only a standardized procedure passed down from some other FFS-surgeon but something unique that he had put a lot of thought into.

I was right in my assumption, and looking back and having gone through the usual post-FFS comparing of results and scars and experiences with other transgendered aquaintances I now know I made the right choice. Not only is Dr van de Ven involved in other humanitarian work besides treating transgendered persons which I think speaks for itself concerning his attitude towards people in general, but he acctually made me forget that I was the least bit scared and was very honest about expected results and what can I say? There was a positive energy vibe all the way through from the first consultation to post-op swelling and stich removal.

The MC2 clinic is a really cool place, modern and tidy and the staff is very kind, the. All needs are taken care of and I had the most amazing postop croissant breakfast there. There was a lot of blood and swelling as can be expected but having taken a couple of showers I was up walking and after spending countless moments staring at my new forehead going “wow!” I checked out of the clinic and went touristing in Ghent for a week. I stayed at Etienne Dewulfs studio apartment which is really quiet and nice and a perfect place to heal up, amazing fruitmarket and groceries next door which was just right since I’m a vegetarian.

As for the result I am still going “wow!” 4 months later, my bruises gone and my scar is slowly fading. I am really happy. My preop/postop pictures show a subtle yet quite dramatic change, but more important the psychological impact is massive. I feel hopeful about my transition. My new face is not forced, Dr van de Ven made it look natural and looking through the family album, I actually look a lot like my mother when she was younger. I think that kind of deep understanding of the natural male/female divide in facial features takes a lot of skill from a surgeon.

I am very pleased to recommend Dr van de Ven to anyone seeking FFS.